STOREE designs Dutch Brunch Riyadh

A good restaurant prides itself on great experiences. Restaurant design involves building a good experience through a comprehensive 360 approach. From your marketing to how you present your menu through to your main courses, your restaurant branding communicates to people who you are and what to expect from you. The taste of the food, the staff’s attitude, the style of the decor, the logo, the interior design, all need to work together to create something memorable.
Dutch Brunch approached STOREE to create all elements of the brand. We covered all what was needed to develop the brand. We established all elements that make Dutch Brunch restaurant branding successful. Our design helped influence the restaurant’s reputation and its relationship with customers.

Dutch brunch Riyadh interior design

We helped establish:

The brand Mission & values
The Brand personality
The market and target customers

We helped develop the brand identity:

Brand voice
Color palette

We designed the brand elements


We designed the restaurant interiors:

Material selection

The restaurant has been very successful and attracts a lot of customers. Check their social media pages:

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