STOREE designs Dutch Brunch Riyadh

A good restaurant prides itself on great experiences. Restaurant design involves building a good experience through a comprehensive 360 approach. From your marketing to how you present your menu through to your main courses, your restaurant branding communicates to people who you are and what to expect from you. The taste of the food, the staff’s attitude, the style of the decor, the logo, the interior design, all need to work together to create something memorable.
Dutch Brunch approached STOREE to create all elements of the brand. We covered all what was needed to develop the brand. We established all elements that make Dutch Brunch restaurant branding successful. Our design helped influence the restaurant’s reputation and its relationship with customers.

Dutch brunch Riyadh interior design

We helped establish:

The brand Mission & values
The Brand personality
The market and target customers

We helped develop the brand identity:

Brand voice
Color palette

We designed the brand elements


We designed the restaurant interiors:

Material selection

The restaurant has been very successful and attracts a lot of customers. Check their social media pages:

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STOREE designs My cup coffee store.

“My cup” is the main destination for coffee lovers, looking for an inspiring shopping experience. Espresso machines, home roasters, coffee syphons, French presses, grinders, beans, and all coffee accessories you can imagine are found at My cup.

STOREE retail design and branding was involved in the creation of this brand.

Firstly, we defined a brand strategy affecting all aspects of the business and directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments.
In addition, we designed the consumer experience to create an attractive and entertaining destination.
Thirdly, store design, visual merchandising and communication were applied based on the well defined strategy.

Finally, we used large digital screens to create animation and to showcase novelties through video content. A coffee tasting bar aims to create an engaging experience. The roasting and grinding station triggers a full sensorial stimulation inviting to try the best selection of beans.

STOREE always aims to create award winning experiences aiming to accelerate brand success.

my cup coffee store exteriors

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Ford Quick Lane chooses Storee as their branding partners for their ME stores.

Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center is a registered trademark of Ford Motor Company. Storee has been engaged to create the ME brand guideline and advertising campaign sets as well as the marketing tool kits.
We helped Quick Lane redefine it’s tone of voice to engage customers looking to find an expert for their vehicle. Quick Lane does not only service Ford and Lincoln, but it conveniently offers maintenance service to all makes, all models.

Quick Lane
Quick Lane® Tire and Auto Center

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Storee wins the ICSC store design award for Nahdi pharmacy.

Project: Nahdi Pharmacy.
Location: Red Sea Mall.
Country: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
Design: Storee ,

Storee is Nahdi pharmacy retail design consultant. Storee was commissioned to design their “store of the future” in Red sea Mall jeddah, for which Storee won the ICSC prestigious store design award. Nahdi’s store of the future concept incorporates leading edge technology, luxurious materials, subtle accents, based on strategic retail design. As a result, the store design creates a calming, inviting, and easily navigable customer environment.

This award honours the most-talented people in the retail and real estate industry for their professional accomplishments and outstanding dedication and contribution to the industry. ICSC encourages outstanding achievement and forward momentum in retail and real estate. Therefore, their highly competitive award programs spotlight the best of the best.

The ICSC awards have become the most recognised achievement for excellence in the retail industry.

Storee wins the ICSC best store design award for Nahdi pharmacy

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