Life Care showroom

Life Care showroom by nahdi is a top tier medical equipment showroom that we have brought to life. It is designed to be a theater for people with special needs.

Traditional medical equipment showrooms are simply dull. Retailer stack on racks, wheelchairs, health equipment, fitness accessories, walking aids, and other related products.

We had the idea to create a “theatre” for people with special needs.
What would a “special needs bathroom” look like?
What would a “special needs bedroom” look like?
What about a racing track to try the wheel chairs?

All of a sudden, the space was transformed from a traditional retail space, to a lifestyle showroom, where people with special needs “Shop How they live”!

Nahdi pharmacy

nahdi red sea mall pharmacy

Wellness from the inside out

When the Middle East largest pharmacy chain wanted to strengthen its brand, we helped this traditional apothecary become a modern drugstore, where holistic wellness is the name of the game.